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About us!

Unified-E AG is specialized in the development of Windows applications and smartphone apps in the field of industrial automation.
With the WIT-HMI Framework and the Unified-E App Designer we offer solutions for machine visualizations.

Friedrich Wedel

CEO, Lead Developer

After several years of work and experience as a development engineer in automation technology, I founded Unified-E AG.

We have been developing individual machine visualizations for the industry for many years. The strong demand for an easy-to-build smartphone HMI solution led to the development of the Unified-E product.

Unified-E has been successfully used in industrial environments since 2016.


2000 - 2012: Wedel-IT

Development of engineering tools mainly for the automation industry.

2012 - 2017: Wedel-IT GmbH

The focus of activity is the automation industry, Wedel-IT GmbH is founded instead of Wedel-IT. The main focus is the development of individual machine visualizations with the in-house WIT-HMI framework. The demand for smartphone HMI leads to the development of the product Unified-E. In May 2016, the market launch of Unified-E.

2017 - today: Unified-E AG

For the development of FDA-compliant HMI applications, the WIT-HMI framework is in high demand. The Unified-E product has a very positive market response. There is a conversion of the Wedel IT GmbH into the Unified-E AG.